Egg Shell About Us


The Eggshell Café has the honor of having been voted to serve the BEST EGG WHITE OMELETTES ON THE NORTH SHORE! An accolade confirmed by renowned restauranteur, Spiro Angelos. A committment to providing stellar service and using only the best, freshly laid eggs is what makes The Eggshell Café an exceptional dining experience.

The Eggshell Café attracts not only local families and business people but also a fair number of out of town people make a point to stop by The Eggshell Café for breakfast and lunch.


John Anginas

Owner – Singular Goal

The Eggshell Café hatched in November of 2002 by owner,
John Anginas, with a singular goal:
To give our customers a clean, warm and fun atmosphere, with superb service and quality food,
all at affordable prices.

Scott, Trip Advisor ( Scott, TripAdvisor )
Eggshell Cafe still sets the standard for breakfast and more in the area with quality and service and more than fair pricing.
Jenni, Trip Advisor ( Venni )
This place is consistently good and very quick and fast service ! Love their omelettes , burgers and sandwiches . Great healthy substitutions available !
Robert, Trip Advisor ( Robert )
Lovely Omelettes ! Great owner! Very friendly and kind. Excellent place for brunch and lunch! Bring your family or your friends. If you love soccer you can also come look at the wall of fame